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Now Available - Akro Bin Label Inserts

Now Available - Akro Bin Label Inserts
Our Akro bin label inserts provide a superior alternative to conventional plastic label holders for bin labeling. These inserts enable dual-sided labeling, allowing you to display inventory details and barcodes on one side and restocking information on the reverse side. The front of the inserts features a white color, while the back is red, making them ideal for Kanban signaling. They can also serve as a cost-effective replacement for pricier Kanban colored bins that require rotation when inventory is depleted. Additionally, these inserts are meticulously sized to prevent them from being dislodged when retrieving items, addressing a common issue with paper inserts in plastic holders.

Shipping and Return Policy

We provide free shipping on all standard orders. Custom orders of large sizes may require additional shipping fees.

Shipping costs on returns are the responsibility of the customer, except in cases of damage and mistakes on our end.

Why do we require the customer to cover return shipping fees. Unfortunately, with places like Amazon offering free shipping and returns, many people abuse the free shipping policy. These customers often buy large quantities of random items and then return whatever they don't want. The seller must absorb the shipping costs in both directions.

In our experience, we have found a large number of buyers who don't know what type of bins they have or they choose not to read any of the documentation we provide on our items. We've now had thousands of happy customers for our dividers, many of those ordering multiple times, in just a relatively short period of time. So, when we receive a notice, either through our website or our Amazon store, that our items don't fit, we know there is a very strong likelihood that the customer either didn't read or just ordered for the wrong bins. By putting the return costs on the customer, we are hoping to minimize our losses on customers who fall into this category.

If you have any questions before placing an order, please reach out to us. We will make sure you order the correct items. Additionally, we recommend that you start off with small orders to try them out before purchasing large batches of dividers and then returning them, as the costs are much higher for both parties. If you would like to test a few samples prior to ordering, please reach out and we will try to accommodate you the best we can. Thank you for your understanding.