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Akro-Mils configurable dividers by Bin Better

Dividers are an important part of making the most of your storage bins. So why are Bin Better dividers unique?

The Problem

The number one complaint with Akro-Mils storage bins on Amazon is that they don’t come with dividers. They actually do come with a few but they are molded into the back plastic of the cabinet itself. You are required to cut these out of the frame. Not only are there not nearly enough, and is a pain to do so, but you are also reducing the strength of the unit to support weight, both within the bins themselves but also any weight stacked on top. As a result, if you put any significant weight either on top of or in the bin units, the frame of the cabinet will sag. This sagging causes the drawers to stick and become jammed. Because of this, it is generally not recommended to cut them out. If you want to verify this, simply press down on the top of the unit and see how much it gives. Then, cut the dividers out and repeat the test. You will be able to detect a noticeable difference in the amount of sag.

 Cutting out divider from back of Akro-Mils craft cabinet

 Then there are manufacturers of storage bins like Greenpro, Homak, and others. These manufacturers are found primarily on Amazon. The bins of these units come with slots to utilize dividers but they do not come with any. Additionally, the manufacturers do not even sell any. Meaning you are left to make your own.

The worst of all, in terms of dividers is IRIS USA. Neither of the bin sizes come with any slot that will even support any type of dividers. Because of this, a simple single divider cannot be used with IRIS USA bins. The only way to provide dividers in these bins is to go with a multi-divider configuration that will self-hold in place. We will show these options later in this article.

Because of this, most people look to purchase the dividers separately. The problem though is the current divider options are also less than ideal. There are plastic ones that can be purchased from Akro-Mils but are expensive and have a loose fit that don’t allow them to stay in place well. Several other vendors offer dividers made of cut acrylic. They are slightly cheaper in price but are so tight a fit that it takes some time and effort to install each one. They also come with a film on both sides of each piece that is more than a pain to remove, especially when dealing with a large number of dividers. Not to mention the directions for these parts state that you should wear gloves when working with them so as to not cut yourself.

Again, if you purchased a brand of storage unit like IRIS USA, you might have been surprised to find out they don’t support dividers at all. In that case what can you do? Other manufacturers like Greenpro, Homak, Craftsman, and Stack On provide one or more divider slots within each bin but they do not provide any actual dividers with the cabinets. It’s up to you to make your own as they do not sell them.

The Solution

It was because of these issues that we sought out to make our own solution. Our dividers are made of fiber glass sheets which are coated with a smooth white finish. They provide a much higher strength than the plastic ones offered by Akro-Mils and are much easier/faster to install than the acrylic ones offered by other vendors. The smooth white finish also makes them ideally suited for labeling, either with a marker or stick on labels. Both can be easily removed or reworked as needed. Additionally, you are not required to wear protective gloves while handling our dividers.

Where our unique dividers will really save you is in the number of hardware cabinets you will need. Our dividers are the only ones on the market that allow you to partition your bins into more than two areas. For example, our Akro-Mils dividers can create from 2 to 12 separate partitions in a single bin. So, for sorting small or minimum quantity items, you can condense the number of hardware cabinets by as much as a factor of 12.  IRIS USA dividers are limited to a divide by 8 factor, mainly because the IRIS bins are narrower than most other manufacturers. But, given that IRIS bins don’t currently support any dividers (without any built-in divider slots), our solution is still a drastic improvement.

The most important benefit of our dividers is their flexibility. You can create very specific sized partitions to meet your needs simply by adding or removing different sections of length and width dividers. For example, you can have either two large sections, 12 small sections, or multiple configurations in between to support a host of different requirements. No other solution on the market allows for this. This flexibility is valuable when it comes to sorting small items like nuts, bolts, screws, nails, certain Legos, electronic components, beads, nail art supplies, and numerous other things.

By reducing the number of storage units required, you are not only saving money but also space and time. For work areas constrained by space, our solutions can free up valuable wall, counter, or desk space. Additionally, by condensing more components into a smaller area that is well organized, it can save precious time when looking for specific parts.

Yet, with all these additional benefits, pricewise, our dividers are on par with the other vendors found on Amazon. Keep in mind that when purchasing these items through a site such as Amazon, nearly 50% of the purchase price (on an average $10 item) goes to Amazon for fulfillment and advertising fees. Purchasing multipacks through Amazon or directly through our website will bring the per piece cost down significantly as well. For even more savings, contact us directly for large bulk orders. Best pricing will always be achieved through our website or directly through us as we are able to save on the seller fees and added shipping costs. The only downside is we rely on fixed cost lowest pricing for our online orders, which saves you money but will not ship as fast as through Amazon Prime.

Bin Better Acro Mills compatible dividers flexible configurations for nuts, bolts, screws, beads, crafts, nails, art, Legos, and electronics