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There are numerous "review" sites on the web that claim to review the different hardware or craft bins on the market. These sites are nothing but automated pages that have gathered listings from Amazon, copied their content, and then published the star reviews. None of these review sites actually claim to have used them. We have used hundreds of storage bins over the years, from many different manufactures, for different storage types, and across thousands of small and large parts alike. Currently, most of our hardware cabinets store all of our electronic components (resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, ...) and mechanical hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, standoffs). So, if you are in a different industry your experience may vary but we want to hear about it. These reviews are only focused on current manufacturers that you can currently buy on the market. 

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Craftsman/ArtBin/Stanley/Black and Decker 



This review examines organizing units sold by four different manufacturers: Craftsman, ArtBin, Stanley, and Black&Decker. All four versions are interchangeable. While ArtBin stands out with white units, all other specifications remain consistent across brands. For simplicity, when we mention "Craftsman bins," we're referring to bins produced by the other manufacturers without explicit mention.

Craftsman presents three main cabinet options:

  • 9 large drawer unit (CMST40709)
  • 30 small drawer unit (CMST40730)
  • 39 drawer unit featuring 9 large and 30 small drawers (CMST40739)

Although part numbers differ across brands, the organizers are identical. ArtBin is the only brand offering white units.

Two bin sizes are available:

  • Small bins: 1.95" wide x 5.25" long, with two slots for width dividers.
  • Large bins: 4.3" wide x 5.3" long, with three widthwise divider slots.

Both bin types feature small bottom holes, which might require taping to prevent small parts from falling out. The bins have well-sized front grabs for easy drawer access. Unlike Akro-Mils bins, Craftsman bins lack a mid-height step, simplifying labeling but limiting stacking options.

Reviews for Craftsman bins are largely positive. Negative feedback mostly concerns listing inaccuracies rather than the product's quality. Excluding these potentially misleading reviews, Craftsman bins stand as one of the highest-rated storage bin products.

A notable drawback is the absence of provided dividers, although the bins have slots to accommodate them. ArtBin sells compatible divider packs, and third-party options are available. Bin Better offers configurable dividers optimized for these bins.

In terms of cost, Craftsman bins are competitively priced, offering excellent value. Despite primarily using Akro-Mils bins in our business due to limited alternatives, we would consider purchasing Craftsman bins today.


  • Multiple Manufacturers: Widely available under various brand names.
  • Quality: Fewer reported quality issues compared to other brands.
  • Affordability: Competitive pricing without compromising quality.
  • Divider Compatibility: More slots for dividers than most competitors.
  • Ease of Mounting: Key-holed slots facilitate wall mounting.


  • Lack of Dividers: No dividers included.
  • Bin Holes: Small holes may require taping for tiny components.
  • No Mounting Hardware: Does not come with mounting accessories.

Craftsman Final Opinion: Craftsman organizing bins are an excellent choice for those seeking efficient storage solutions. With minimal drawbacks and a price nearly half that of Akro-Mils, we highly recommend these bins to anyone in need of reliable organization.