Bin Better - Configurable bin dividers and bin divider boxes in an Akro-Mils storage cabinet

Save Space, Save Time, Save Money

Bin Better Divider Bin Boxes for Improved Bin Organization

Keep Them Clean, Separated, and Secure

Combined configurable bin dividers and divider boxes to maximize organizational efficiency of small parts

Flexible Small Parts Storage Solutions

Stop wasting time valuable bin space with small components, our configurable bin solutions can eliminate these issues

No More Wasted Space

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve existing solutions for sorting and storing large amounts of small components. Bin Better was formed out of our own frustration with current methods of trying to organize thousands of extremely small electronic components. We are now focused on bringing our solutions to market for everyone. Whether you are into crafts, a Lego enthusiast, a teacher, or you run a large electronics lab, we are seeking optimal organiziational solutions for you.

While we are starting with accessory products, our ultimate goal is to bring to market superior quality products compared to what is currently put out by existing manufacturers such as Arko-Mils, IRIS USA, and others. But, we can't do it alone. Help be a part of our mission by supporting us online. Leave a review on Amazon, follow us on Instagram, sign up for our mailing list, or just provide us with honest feedback so that we can make the best products available today.

Configurable Bin Dividers

Akro-Mils storage cabinets support only a single divider per bin. Other manufacturers, such as IRIS USA, don't support any. We offer configurable dividers for multiple manufacturers that allow for flexible divisions from 2 to 12 partitions. Our divider solutions will save you space, time, and money by optimizing your organization.

Bin Better - Configurable bin dividers for Akro Mils, IRIS USA, Stack On, Craftsman, Stalwart, and others small part cabinets and craft organizers

Bin Divider Boxes

Our bin divider boxes provide the most flexible solution to organize, keep clean, and keep secure your small items. We offer a range of sizes that are optimally sized for different customers' needs.

Bin Better - Small plastic part bin removable divider boxes for securely organizing small parts

Akro Bin Label Inserts

Our Akro bin label inserts are the perfect solution for documenting and inventory control of your parts. Their Kanban coloring makes them a low cost and simpler alternative to more expensive and cumbersome Kanban bins.

Benefits of Our Configurable Dividers and Divider Boxes

Saves You Space

Most bins are only partially filled at any one time. Efficiently utilizing the bin space reduces the number of organizers needed and the valuable space they take in your workspace.

Saves You Time

Staying organized is one of the best ways to save time. Keep all your parts within reach and find any part without wasted time searching.

Saves You Money

Store between 2 and 20 times more components per bin, drastically saving you the number of organizers you will need to purchase.

Keeps Them Clean

Dust and small bugs will collect in your bins over time. Our divider boxes keep your parts fully sealed so they never become contaminated.

Keeps Them Secure

Normally, if you drop a bin or tip over a cabinet, your parts will go everywhere. With our divider boxes your parts are always secure. You can even drop them on the ground without opening.

Keeps Them Separated

With some small parts, such as electronic components, keeping them separated is critical. Typical dividers make it too easy for them to mix. With our divider boxes your parts will never mix.

Organizer Cabinet Reviews

We have personally used many of the organizer units on the market today in our electronics business. Unlike many of the review sites on the web, ours are based on our personal experience and combined with thousands of reviews from various vendors.

Bin Better - Review of small parts cabinet organizers from Akro Mills, IRIS USA, GreenPro, Stalwart, Craftsman, and others