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Bin Better was started out of our own need to find a better way to sort and store thousands of small electronic components. Our parent company Custom Circuit Solutions LLC utilized rooms full of Akro-Mils organizing bins, which mostly contained only a few small parts per bin, the rest was all wasted space. After researching the market for alternative solutions and being disappointed, we set off to design and manufacture our own.

Our initial product offerings are aimed at optimizing organizational efficiency, while solving some of the pain points with the currently available small parts organizers from Akro-Mils, IRIS USA, Craftsman, Stack-On, as well as others. Our ultimate mission though is to bring to market a much higher quality line of organizational bins. We aim to tailor our products to the unique requirements of specific end user applications, such as crafts, hardware, Legos, electronics, and teacher supplies.

But, we need your help to make this a success. Help us in our mission by leaving feedback on Amazon, subscribing to our e-mail list, and following us on our social media channels. Lastly, if you have an organization problem you are trying to solve or dealing with less than ideal storage solutions, we want to know about it.