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There are numerous "review" sites on the web that claim to review the different hardware or craft bins on the market. These sites are nothing but automated pages that have gathered listings from Amazon, copied their content, and then published the star reviews. None of these review sites actually claim to have used them. We have used hundreds of storage bins over the years, from many different manufactures, for different storage types, and across thousands of small and large parts alike. Currently, most of our hardware cabinets store all of our electronic components (resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, ...) and mechanical hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, standoffs). So, if you are in a different industry your experience may vary but we want to hear about it. These reviews are only focused on current manufacturers that you can currently buy on the market. 

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Amazon Basics and Other Similar Cheap Units

Amazon Basics Organizing Drawers


This review examines organizing units sold by Amazon under the Amazon Basics brand. This same unit is also sold by many other sellers on Amazon, usually with very unusual brand names. The reason for this is they are all selling the same unit from the same very low cost manufacturer in China.

If you've read our other reviews, you know that we generally take the time to describe the unique features of the units and our personal experience in using them. We're going to save you some on this one. Just avoid this one or any one that looks like it since they are all manufactured by the same source.

Our experience with this unit went like this. We took the unit out of the box. We tried to open a drawer, and we couldn't. We tried to open a second drawer, and we couldn't. Same thing on the third drawer. All the drawers were snagging on the top if the dividers, preventing them from fully opening.

The forth drawer, we finally got opened. We tried to take the divider out and couldn't it seemed stuck. After barely pulling on the divider, the end of the divider and the divider slot holder broke. We got another drawer open and again couldn't get the divider out. 

At this point, we had already seen enough with these units. It got packed right back up and sent to Amazon for a refund. The one question we have is why they have such a high review score. Our best guess is that because, Amazon sells it, the reviews are likely adjusted to their benefit. Either that, or the people purchasing these units, don't have any experience with far better units sold by Akro-Mils, IRIS USA, or Craftsman. If we're wrong and just got a bad unit, feel free to reach out and let us know, but in our experience you should really spend a few dollars more and get a unit that you can actually take the drawers out.  


  • Cheap: That's it


  • Everything: Too many to list

Amazon Basics Final Opinion: Amazon Basics organizing bins are by far the worst units we've encountered. We would highly recommend you save your money and purchase something better from Akro-Mils, IRIS USA, or Craftsman. Even lower end units from GreenPro, Homak, and Stalwart are far superior to the Amazon Basics.