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Akro Bin Label Inserts

Proper documentation and inventory control of your Akro bins is a critical component to any manufacturing process. So why are the Bin Better label inserts unique?

The Problem

Labeling Akro bins has always been a challenge. While Akro-Mils sells plastic label protectors, and a set of printer based printable labels to go with them, this solution leaves a lot to be desired. The cost per set of labels is extremely high, the process to setup and configure accurate printing on the labels is a challenge, and in most cases the labels do not fit well - which can lead to them falling out or getting in the way when trying to quickly retrieve items from the bin. Because of these issues, the label products sold by Akro-Mils have very poor customer reviews.   

Additionally, for many people using Akro bins in a production environment, what can be done with this method of labeling is limited. You are largely limited to documenting only one side of the label and there's no readily available color indication on the labels to signal to others on the team when the bins need to be replenished. Because of this, Akro-Mils actually sells two other even more costly items. One device is a large insert that gives you more space for bigger labels or multiple small ones. However, the price on these is very high and they significantly interfere with your ability to easily access items within the bins. The second item a a Kanban (red and black) colored bin. The idea behind this is that when the bin is largely full, the black side of the bin should be showing, but as the bin in nearly depleted, the entire unit should be flipped around to the red side. While this technically works, it's a cumbersome process and again comes with a very high price point per bin.


The Solution

Our solution to the problem is one of a kind. We developed a perfectly sized fiberglass insert which can be labeled via many different options and then quickly inserted into the bin card slot. This approach has many benefits over the typical solution offered by Akro-Mils. We outline these benefits below.

Akro bin label inserts large
Akro bin label inserts small


Flexible Labeling Options - Standard printer based paper label inserts sold by Akro-Mils can be difficult at best to get printed properly, even with the templates provided by the company. With our fiberglass inserts, they are labeled via adhesive based labels. These labels can be created via a wide range of methods, including printer based labels, production level label makers, or simple hand held labelers. They can even be labeled via simple markers. 

Double Sided Labeling - Typical label inserts can really only be labeled on one side since they are difficult to remove and flip around. But, because these inserts make it easy, you can utilize both sides for providing informative labels. Our recommended use of this benefit is to provide the standard inventory tracking information on the front side, and on the back side you can provide supplemental information such as restocking sources.

Secure Fit - Standard label inserts are known for not fitting well, and with the label cover being a thin plastic, it's not uncommon for the labels to get knocked out while retrieving items. This is especially true if the label holders sit above the lip of the label slot holder of the bin. With our rigid fiberglass label inserts, it would be very difficult to knock them out. They fit securely and are perfectly sized to not interfere with the user. 

Kanban Indication - As mentioned above, Akro Mils sells several small versions of Kanban bins, which provide two different colors on the bins and are intended to be flipped around to signal low inventory. The problem with this solution is that it is expensive, cumbersome, and is only available in a couple small bin sizes. Our label inserts are a cheap, easy to use, and optimal solution for Kanban signaling, which can be applied to any Akro bin size.

Ability to Pull Tags - Since the inserts can be easily pulled and reinstalled, it opens up new possibilities for inventory control. One such benefit is the ability to pull tags on bins needing replenishment at the end of the day. Simply grab the tags at the end of the day and hand to inventory manager to start the restocking process. 

Lower Cost - The price for the Akro-Mils labels is quite high. Depending on where you purchase them, our much improved solution is approximately one third the price. 



Our innovative new Akro bin compatible label inserts offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for documenting and maintaining inventory control of your storage bins. Designed to fit seamlessly into Akro bins, these label inserts are not only affordable but also provide enhanced functionality and convenience. Compared to traditional plastic label holders, our inserts come at a much lower price point, allowing you to save on costs without compromising on quality.

In addition to being cost-effective, our label inserts offer a range of additional benefits that make them the ideal choice for labeling your Akro bins. They are durable, resistant to wear and tear, and can withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. The inserts are also easy to install and replace, making them user-friendly and convenient for ongoing use.

Furthermore, our label inserts provide a clean and professional appearance, enhancing the organization and aesthetics of your storage area. They come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit different bin dimensions and labeling requirements, allowing for customizable and flexible labeling options. With our Akro bin compatible label inserts, you can streamline your inventory management processes, improve efficiency, and maintain a well-organized and visually appealing storage system.