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Akro Bins Compatible Label Inserts, Large Size, 12 Pieces

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  • COMPATIBILITY- Designed to fit inside the card slot of 30230, 30234, 30235, 30239, 30240, 30250, 30255, 30348, 30358 Akro-Mils AkroBins
  • Multiple Labeling Options - Perfect for applying both marker and adhesive based labels. LABELS NOT INCLUDED - Multiple label makers and printers based adhesive labels can be used - SEE FAQs below.
  • Two Sided Labeling - These inserts support labeling options on both sides. Keep inventory control barcodes on one side and restocking information on the opposite side.
  • Secure Fit - These fiberglass label inserts are sized to hold firmly in the card slot but can still be easily inserted and flipped around as needed.
  • Kanban Color Indication - These inserts are white on one side, red on the other. Quickly flip the insert around when inventory is low to signal replenishment. Replaces Kanban specific colored bins.
  • Optimal Height - The label insert height is sized to be below the top of the card insert slot, preventing people from accidentally knocking out the label, as is common with the paper inserts.

Labeling your Akro bins is an easy way to stay organized, but the often used Akro-Mils clear protective plastic label holders that fit into the card slot holders, are less than an ideal solution. Our fiberglass label inserts are a much improved solution. They allow written or printed labels to be directly applied to the inserts. Their secure fit and properly sized height keeps them in place and prevents users from knocking them out when retrieving inventory. The two sided colors, white on one side and red on the other, make a perfect Kanban inventory control solution. No more having to switch around the entire bin such as with Akro Mills 36442, 36448, 36462, and 36468 Kanban specific bins. These inserts turn any Acro Mils Shelf Bins into an optimal Kanban solution.