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IRIS USA Compatible Large Drawer Configurable Dividers (8X Length + 8X Width Pieces)

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  • Large Bin Configurable Dividers - Compatible with IRIS USA large drawer organizing cabinets DPC-24, DPC-26, and DPC-44
  • Configurable Divisions - Slots in the dividers (when combined with our width wise dividers) allow flexible division of the large drawer organizer bins from 4 to 12 sections.
  • High Strength - Made from solid fiber glass, cut and routed to precise dimensions. Provides much more rigidity than the thin plastic ones that come with the unit or are purchased aftermarket.
  • Fast To Install - Simply snap one off and install in seconds. No need to cut them out of the back of the unit. Also, no protective film to remove or having to waste time trying to cram them in.
  • Easy To Label - The dividers are coated with a smooth white finish that makes it easy to install stick on labels or write directly on them with a marker. Both can be easily removed or changed.

IRIS USA storage bins are a very popular choice for sorting numerous types of small parts including nuts, bolts, screws, Legos, beads, crafts, tools, classroom supplies, electronic components, as well as others. We were using many of them in our electronics lab as an electronic component organizer. The problem though is they don't effectively use most of the available bin space, and in many of the bins we found we were wasting up to 99% of the space. This lead us to develop a better way to use the available space. Our dividers allow efficient use of the space by allowing adjustable divisions from 4 to 12 partitions (recommended - see guidelines). Ultimately, you will need fewer bin units, saving you space and money. As a hardware storage organizer, you could now condense up to 12 bins of small nuts, bolts, screws, and nails down to a single bin. As a Lego storage organizer, even the smallest components can be separated into their own bin. For teachers, you can combine your teacher toolbox and your art storage cabinets into a single unit, saving you valuable classroom space as well. As a bead storage organizer, you can configure the divisions in numerous ways to effectively sort the most and lease frequently used beads.